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Work Hard and when you see a mistake work Fast...Kerri McGill

The job-life of a fine art painter demands you learn many skills quickly…no matter how silly they may be…  I have experience in everything from plastering to vinyls, faux paint to straight painting…weaving straw into burlap and carving a “smart pig” out of foam.  I’ve spent 10 hour days carving giant chain links for a week straight and I’ve gathered water for the shop from a hole in the ceiling on a rainy day.

A painter is flexible with the circumstances and achieves the goal in spite of all challenges.  That is the beauty of the artistic thinker and the creative process.

I have extensive knowledge of shop set up and break down and completing large-scale projects in an efficient and timely manner.  I can fluff and decorate a 20’ Christmas tree in  2 hrs…thats good you know…

Looking back on all of my past job experiences, the most important thing I have learned, be efficient and quick… and when you see a mistake, work even faster to fix it…


One Response to “Welcome”

  1. And, you are a kick ass rock climber. Love your use of color, and your evocative imagery–and the reference to trouble making…as all art should make some trouble. Would love to visit you studio some time, or, hey, go for a climb.



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